vrijdag 27 april 2012

Mega Man (Rockman) defender grid!

Hello all!

Today a new blog! This week we're going back to NES/SNES games! Why? Well, as you all know by now is that one of our upcoming game will be a new genre! And of course you are all thinking of our Soccer game! The development of the game is going pretty fast since my last blog. That's always nice, but it's also needed to cause our beta version. The last few weeks were pretty good for me since I didn't had to work much on other projects, so I could finally set my mind on the soccer game!

I made some nice progress with the game modes and almost finished the interface and menu. Most of the time we will be having small updates for those 2d stuff, so we won't be finished with that until the release version. But next to that we also need a working keeper (my last blog). And we need some defenders, which is not as easy as some of you think. Can't just place them random on the field and let them do their thing. Like in real soccer we need formations and that's what this blog is about.

Mega Man's Grid
When I was making some notes of how I can make the setup I had to think about Mega Man (Rockman for some)! Remember the passwords for Mega Man?
B1 B3 C6 D3 E6 F1

Picked a stage, run through the level and kill the boss on the end. And you got to see a nice grid with some nodes like my formations. :) Every stage the same order and still stays fun to play:) Kicking the boss his/her ass to get to Willy or Light and watch how he begs for his life and comes back in a new sequel :P awesome:)

Xform's Grid

But as you can see we had to think about some formations to make it harder for you to score. In the beginning they will take some spots in the middle and it is easy for you to score. But when they come with more it will become harder, because they are with so many defenders you can hardly see something, unless you can learn how to control the ball very good. :) Making some nice effects with it and trying to avoid the defenders. :)
With these formations we can make the defenders defend the goal on a more proffesional way instead of some amateurs that are just standing at some random position.

Defenders in Xform's grid

That's about it for now. Enjoy a good weekend and make some cheers for our Dutch Queen, who will be celebrating her birthday!


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