woensdag 18 januari 2012

Frostbitten Mountain 1

Hello all!

A quick update about the awesome "snowboard game with cars".
The last couple of months I've been working on the tracks. The tracks are subdevided in 3 mountains. Every mountain has their own settings, assets, etc.

One mountain has an Austria mountain idea (a famous country for people of Europe to have the winter sport holidays). This mountain is a sort of tutorial mountain where you get to learn this game. My main goal for this mountain was to get this mountain friendly and fun to ride on and not hard, pointy rocks, deep clifs or other craziness.

For this mountain I've made some typical things you see when you go skiing, snowboarding, or whatever. So there is this Ski lift hanging over the track here and there, some wooden cabins in areas where there are trees, some typical Austrian/German buildings and more!

Here is a screenshot of the buildings in my 3Ds max viewport without textures. I started to do some research, finding reference etc, making some mockup textures to modify those later. Then I start making the assets, first I make them look realistic like I told before in the blog about the Pick-up. After this I cartoonify the whole bunch to get them the look I want. Then I update the texture where I need to.


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