woensdag 11 januari 2012

Finalizing mockups


Past few weeks I've been working on multiple projects, but want to give you guys an update on my previous blog. The levels I was talking about a few weeks ago are nearing completion. I managed to get all of the 9 mockups up and running in time. It was a bit of a rush though.

Our game/level designer took the game for a spin and gave me feedback on things to change. We discussed things like the overall 'shape' or 'direction' of a level. This image should explain what I mean by 'direction':

When having a specific setting for a set of levels, for example a jungle environment, it is important that the player instantly recognizes each individual level despite having the same art assets and setting. Next to the 'direction' and 'shape' of the level a different weather/sky setting is also very important. In addition to these basic design guidelines each level should have a specific landmark which amplifies the difference between the levels in the same environment setting even more.

The next step was to finalize the mockups and implement the changes. I usually divide this process in several smaller ones. For example, I always start with the big things first. In this case, I fixed the ' direction' of the levels first if necessary. Also finalizing the specific landmarks per level could be placed in the list of 'big-things-to-do-first'.

At this point every level has the correct shape/direction and landmark we want them to have. Since these levels are for a semi-platformer kind of game the levels need.. platforms! Some of the mockups already had some, but it was far from what it should be in the final levels. I made a set of 'platforms' for every environment setting. This is an example of a platform set in the desert setting:

The last step artwise is to add small objects such as crates, plants/foliage and other background element. These little objects have pretty much no effect on the gameplay, but it is important that they're there. They are the final touches.

If you've been following our facebook page you might know that there are some new xform games coming out soon. All I can say is that I'm very excited about all of them and can't wait to play them myself! :) Keep an eye on our facebook page for the latest updates!


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