woensdag 16 maart 2011

Something new

Hello readers!

 As you might know modern console games use a lot of pixel and vertex shaders to draw their 3D worlds and characters. Slowly we also want to go in this direction with our own games. But this comes with a lot of technical difficulties, also seen the platform we're developing on.

Today I made a 3d model for Pieter to do some tests with. It has 'next-gen' specs (although you could call it 'current gen' these days). It uses a diffuse, normal and specular map.

First I made a rough highpoly version of the fusebox. Which I used later to get the basic normals information from. I made the main shape out of some 'plate' like elements, as it would have been constructed in real life. I kept the rest of the highpoly simple and added all of the smaller normalmap details during the texturing stage.

It was nice to be working on something new, something we don't usually do. Normalmaps are always some kind of magic to me, makes everything pop so much more :)!


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