donderdag 7 februari 2013

Mockup using loft

Hi there!

First I want to tell you that our new car crash game Traffic Slam 3 has been released! It is free to play, so check it out and have fun :)! It was a fun project to work on, I also learned a few new things here and there during development.

Of course we haven't been sitting around eating sandwiches with chees on top.. No.. we have started a new project and I've been working on the mockup environment to be used in the alpha version. It is a bit of a unique project compared to our usual games we make. Such as a racing or a shooter game. It is a more 'move from point a to point b' kind of game, which I like.

I want to show you a quick trick on how I made the mockup. The level is a kind of 'path' from the start location towards the end. The 'path' is the main part of the environment, everything is built around it. I made a spline using the shape tools in 3dsmax. Then I used a compound object called 'Loft', to generate the main path mesh from the spline. 

Loft also has the ability to auto generate UV coordinates which is very nice. When generating a mesh from the spline you have to tell the loft modifier what kind of mesh 'slice' or mesh 'shape' you want to use. I made it way wider than the road would be most of the time. Then I deleted moest of the widest parts again, except for the places where I wanted them to be. 

Next to the ground mesh of the mockup I also worked on the placement of some of the assets we want the level to have. And made one part of the level more detailed, to give ourselves an idea of what it could look like in the final stages.

Thats it for now! Until next time,

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