vrijdag 14 september 2012

Enemy incoming!

Hi everyone!

Vacation time is over and everyone is back to work! So we will be posting some awesome news for everyone! For example the sniper project where my brother and I are working on.

During my break my brother made some changes to the menu and all screens so when I got back I made those screens work in game. Not much fun in that..
But what I also had to do is make some management system that will contain the most important stuff for the game! Our WaveManager!
This game will be full with guns, explosions and lots of enemies, basic Xform game but with something extra of course but that's something you will see when the game is finished..
Those enemies won't be coming in 1 line, but from many directions and in intervals so we need a Wave manager for that!

But to manage all of our waves we need a solid manager that needs to know what to spawn, where and when. This was my task! Always love things like this! Especially when they finally work! After some tweaking hell haha!

So let's say our game got 4 spawners, with each 1 single path and 1 goal. So we got 4 paths leading to our base we need to defend. We can start with 4 spawnpoints:

 Spawn Points  
      A = [EnemySpawner1_Dummy, 0]   
      B = [EnemySpawner2_Dummy, 1]   
      C = [EnemySpawner3_Dummy, 2]   
      D = [EnemySpawner4_Dummy, 3]   

Now I know that I have 4 options to spawn enemies from and they got a unique path to walk on.
So when I want an enemy from Spawn point A I know it will be coming from EnemySpawner1_dummy and will walk path 0.
One of my waves look like this...

 [#Wave: [BossGunner_D, 1, EightGunner_A, 2 , SixGunner_B, 1,TwoGunner_C1, 1,TwoGunner_C1, 1,TwoGunner_C1]]  

In this wave there will be multiple enemies from multiple directions. A boss will be incoming from Spawn point D, next group of enemies incoming in 1 second after spawning, eight gunners incoming from spawn point A, new group incoming in 2 seconds, etc...

Greetings, Michael


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