dinsdag 4 september 2012

A hell called Flash: Part 2!


Last couple of weeks I have been working on the menus and interface screens!
Just as in free kick, this menu needed to be done in flash as well! But this time it was way easier then before. It was all familiar.This time the hard part was designing the screens, there is one in particularly what needed allot of attention.

It’s a very busy screen with allot things to see and to do. There was no possibility to divide this in multiple screen. I’m talking about a shop! Yeah a shop!
Where u can buy guns!! Not cars! But guns! Hell yeah! Haha

Here you can pick your gun, buy one, upgrade it etc etc! Has been allot of fun designing it. During that phase you check allot of references, designing a mock-up, checking it again and redesign stuff. Until you get the perfect screen. It’s important to make an easy setup in Photoshop! So if you have to change, for example; the gun preview section, you want it to be under one layer (or smart object, what we use allot here at Xform).

It’s now in full development and during the project the screen will probably undergo some small changes still! But for now it’s almost done!
Now I’m working it out in flash and my brother will make it all work when it’s done!!
Now back to work and figure out some cool gun names!


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