donderdag 7 juni 2012

Machine of destruction

Hello everyone,

Another blog day! And another super awesome new project to start with! With all the Xform ingredients; guns, explosions, a lot of action etc! We just started with this project, so it’s all fresh and full in the making! But! I’m not going to talk about this game or show anything about it yet!
I’ll save that for later!

Couple of weeks ago I had to make something for another kick ass game! The idea was to make this absurd vehicle. So we decided to mix between an American truck and some crazy panzer vehicle!
For the silhouette of the truck I used a blue print of a truck and made it like I described before in an earlier blog, “Xform Car Manufacturing”.

When the truck was almost done, I started with the back of the truck. For that part I used allot of reference of Tanks, German Panzer vehicles, Dutch trailers, etc.

When this part was done, I put the two parts together, added a hell of a bumper, exhausts, weapons, etc. Some changes in the mesh so the back and the front would fit perfect.

As last I added some dummies so the programmer knows where to place certain weapons,
with the standard weapons the truck already have, he has 8 weapons! Ha! While a normal car has like 4 weapon slots, this one will have a double amount of slots!
Now this is done, you guys can kick some serious ass soon! Or off course be destroyed by this machine of destruction!
Get ready for tons of firepower, steel and Xform car manufacturing craziness!!!


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