vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Hell march Xform!

Hi everyone!

The last couple of weeks were quite busy for me, several releases for different websites... Which means a lot of testing and making new versions for these websites. Less time for new projects.

So in between these projects I'm working on something new. After my first project I haven't been working on projects where you were able to shoot stuff, but there is some change in that! For the ones that likes a good shooting game I got some good news! One of our new projects will be a shooting game!

New project?...

Together with my brother we are making a shooting game with many groups of enemies! Lots of shooting! But the difference with other shooters we made this one will add an extra tactic aspect!

Enemies will spawn from different directions mostly in groups.

Those groups with enemies are spawned on a position and every individual will get an offset which they need for pathfinding. Otherwise they will all walk in each other and you won't be able to shoot the one at the front or back to take him out.
With this offset I'm able to make a new dynamic node for him, so he has a target to walk to. I'm talking about pathfinding, but it aint really fancy pathfinding to be honest. :)
For this game the artist is making a path the enemy will walk with nodes. So for example we use "Path A" for "Spawner A", to keep it quite simple. We use this for more games, so it's quite familiar for many!

Main and dynamic path.
Here you can see the white line which is the main path and the red line is dynamic, because of the offset the enemy will get. So when there are some larger enemies we can give them a bigger offset!



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