donderdag 16 februari 2012

Xform Car Manufacturing

Hello all!

Last time I have been talking about one of the mountains of the awesome auto snowboard craziness! After that I’ve been working on some other projects.
All remember the last post of Shirley, “The big Xform Start of 2012 Quiz”? You all got some sneak previews of some of our awesome games: Welcome to the jungle, Ain’t no mountain high enough, for instance. Well, none of those! Ha!

Today I’m going to show you the basics of making a CAR!
First of all you search reference and not just one picture but tons of pictures!

Then you try to find some perspective views: back, front, top down pictures. Not all views are required but it can be very handy.
Load those pictures into 3dsmax, drag the top down, side etc. pictures on a plane. Then create a box that has the same size as the plane you made before.

Add some segments, where you are going to change the shape of the box and make it more like a car.
To create the basic shape for the car I always start adding some segments on the left side of the car (like in the picture) and create the basic silhouette. Then go to top view and do the same, then for the front, back etc. Now you’ll have the basic silhouette of a car.

After this we add more detail in the front, back etc.
The back of the car must be more impressive then the front. Since the player will be seeing the back of the car more often than the front, so it’s important that the back is interesting enough to look at. After creating the silhouette, I am going to add the wheels, exhausts etc.
Then check the whole car and make it export ready for in game!

This picture is not the final version yet. But I will keep you all up to date!


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