vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Time is ticking!

Hello all!

Today a new blog about the "snowboard game with cars"! First of all, for anyone that goes skiing or snowboarding: don't try this when you get the chance to do it... Only if you are really that good:)
Last week I had a week off and went skiing and the first day I tried a barrel roll myself and didn't end up that well. Didn't broke anything, but it hurt, haha. I was skiing downhill and making my turns, only somehow I lost my balance and my ski got stuck in the snow. So I went airborne, made a nice barrel roll and landed on my side in the snow! From that moment I knew that I don't need to so some tricks like in the "snowboard game with cars"!

Taking the ramp!
Ok, enough about my holiday! Let's talk about the game. :)
It's almost finished! I know you all can't wait to see it, but you still need to wait a little longer. Currently we are working on some minor issues that has to be done. Many things have to be tested and fixed if it's bugged. So my work/task/todo list is quite big, because all of the things that has to be done.
So for example we had this nasty bug at the finish, when you should go back to the menu from the track. All animations were playing twice as fast and when one ends, the game crashed and you weren't able to continue, so you had to restart the game! Double checked the function, but just couldn't find the error..
So finally after some testing/debugging hours I finally found what went wrong. The function was called from a button what is pretty normal. Only when you hit that button so fast that it didn't even got the chance to delete himself he would trigger the function twice. So after this bug I could fix some other bugs that were related to this one.



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