woensdag 14 december 2011

Making meters and New Kids!


Past few days I've been, literally as we call it.. 'Making meters'. Which means that I've been concentrating myself rather more on quantity than quality. My job for this week is to create 9 mockup levels for a new project. Priority number one for me was to get it done as quickly as possible, so that the programmers could continue developing the game itself.

I started by blocking out the levels with 3D tiles we already had from another project. This saved me a lot of time. Using the tiles I was able to block out the 9 mockups. My main focus was.. well to be honest getting myself 9 mockup levels up and running at the end of the week in the first place.

Then, our Game/Level designer is the one to decide if a mockup level's design is good enough or not. He then gives feedback on what to change and add or remove from the mockup. I mean things like: Making the level longer/shorter, making the level going uphill or downhill, adding trees, removing trees, adding/removing a rock here and there etc.

The next step is to finalize the mockups into final levels. This is what I'm currently working on. Trying to change/improve the mockups as much and as fast as possible following the feedback the designer gave me. I'm not able to work on the placement of every rock or tree.. since the final levels should be done this Friday.. And with this project we really have little time to do it. So having the 9 levels all operational is priority number one :)!

Last night we all went to the movie 'New Kids: Nitro'. This movie is uhm.. not sure how to describe this.. strange, hilarious and fun. I think you need to be Dutch to understand it. Anyway, it is about a group of friends who live in a small town called 'Maaskantje'. They are to say the least, not the smartest and wisest people on the planet and they are in a fight with a near by town called 'Schijndel'. Maybe you just have to see it for yourself, see the trailer below:

-- Joep

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