vrijdag 9 december 2011

Shoot those cyborgs to bits!

Hello everyone!

This is my first post for the blog so I will introduce myself. I’m Michael, new programmer at Xform, started at the same time as Eugene and also worked on the same projects. It’s no coincidence that we started at the same time, because we are brothers. We studied together and done most of our projects together. Also we did our first internship together at Xform. And since then we got ruined by them. And there is no way to undo that so, only one option remains.. Join them!

So we started our first project "Earth A.D."! Uhh?! "Earth A.D." yeah also known as "Shootin’ Cybertrash". The idea was to create the best "web based side scrolling gun and run action shooter game"! A side scroller which has the elements of the good old NES/SNES games.. A game which you really need to play over and over again to become good at. Remember positions of pickups, weapons, enemies. So basically hard as hell, but super fun to play. Can't remember how many games I played on those consoles but some of those titles I do remember. One of those games which also is our main reference is "Contra"! That franchise is super awesome, play as "Rambo" with a HUGE gun and shoot everything to damnation! Every alien, robot or evil being will be blown to bits with your super gun that can switch from normal fire to a flamethrower/ rocket launcher etc.. Took a while to finish it on the NES but it was worth it. Still got the game for my NES, still play it sometime to just get the feeling back of the good old games :P

But enough about "Contra", I was talking about "Shootin Cybertrash"! Hell yeah! We got some nice reference for the game and a nice idea about it. So then "Earth A.D." was created..
We wanted to make it even more difficult then "Contra", so we started to make some mockups with hordes of enemies.."Serious Sam" but then side scrolling :P You think the first level is hard now? In the beginning it was insane! Overdid it too much so we redid it until a hard level was created, but not too impossible :) After a while we needed a more catchy name so "Earth A.D." became "Shootin Cybertrash"!

Some tips.. Just play it a lot and learn their actions and try to dodge their bullets, it's possible, go and see the trailer below! And play the game here!


Good luck!


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