vrijdag 23 november 2012


Bionic owl with gold plating

We're all in an exceptional good mood today here at Xform. Yesterday we won a trophy of a plastic bionic owl!! Ooh-Hooh! We won it at an event called the Dutch Game Awards which is the Oscar equivalent of the game-industry.....in Holland.

We got nominated in 3 categories: Traffic Slam 2 in the category Best Online Game, Red Bull Formula Face in the category Best visual Design and again in the category Best Advergame.

We got the award for Red Bull Formula Face in the category Best Advergame. The Owl now stands proudly in our office overlooking us and keeping an eye out for micewhich occasionally sneak in, let's hope it scares them away.

Red Bull Formula Face
Formula Face is perhaps one of the lesser known Xform game, for a change it's not an action-packet driving or shooting game but a rather casual kart racer in a cardboard paper style.

To get the most out of this game you have to play it with a webcam which makes it possible to control your kart by moving your head and making funny faces.
Spread around the tracks are camera pick-ups which take a snapshot from the player's face in action. These snapshots can be shared on your Facebook account.
You can even print a cardboard cutout model of your avatar and kart! It's a fun little game which can be played herePlease note this game is best played in Internet explorer.

Currently we're having a lot of games in development and I can tell you some of them are very special, let's hope our owl will have a new friend next year.


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