woensdag 23 november 2011

Pickup Convertible!

Hello all!

Last couple of weeks I have been working on the super awesome snow game with cars! It will rock!

I’m going to show you one of the cars I have been working on.

The idea was to have a big car in the game like a truck or a pick-up.
First I started to look for some reference before rushing into 3DS Max.

After collecting tons of pictures of pick-up trucks I’ve chosen a couple pictures to be my main reference. Now I can finally start modelling the pick-up truck!
I used a blue print of a pick-up truck for the silhouette.
After this I added some details, bumpers, rear lights, front window, etc.

Now the most fun part of all! I had to “Cartoonify” it! Hehe.
First I had to take of the roof! And make it a Pick-up convertible,
ever saw something like that? :P

To make things more Cartoony, I had to make things out of proportion,
over exaggerated some details.
To give it a big and clumsy look, I made the bumpers way bigger, added a broken license plate, made the lights and side bars bigger.
I added two vertical truck exhausts for a more tougher look.

And this is the screenshot of the outcome when I was done!
The texture will do the rest and finishes the job.
But you will see that later!

And now back to work!


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