woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Shootin’ Cybertrash!

Hello all!

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Eugène and I now work at Xform for several months as a 2D/3D Artist and it’s a hell of a job! :D

 I’m going to tell you about my first project here. It is an unannounced game, not released yet. I am not sure if I can talk about it or show much of it.
But what I can tell it’s a “Browser Based Side Scrolling Gun and Run Action Shooter” game with 3D graphics! We tried to give you  the feeling that you are playing an old school 2D Shooter game of the Nes/Snes era! So expect a difficult game!

It takes place in a destroyed Earth and you have to make your way through hordes of enemies and tons of explosions with a kick ass character! This game will rock! Ha!

For this project I’ve been working  on the levels, menu’s, modelling and texturing stuff, placing dummies (enemies in game) etc.  In every level you will face enemies, hard jumps, upgrades  and more. Some enemies are placed  in really sneaky places where you don’t expect them!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the levels.

This is a print screen of my viewport in 3DS Max. You can see some dummies which are in the game enemies. The big blue boxes are “camera triggers”.  If u pass these objects (you won’t see them in game so don’t worry)  the camera will zoom towards or away from the player to gain a better view of your surroundings and what lies ahead. The explosive objects.... I think those things don’t need any explanation of what they do!

This game is going to be called “Shootin’Cybertrash”. We will keep you updated about this project. And wish you all good luck in completing this hard game hehe, when it is released of course. J

Well this was a little introduction of myself and the game where I’ve been working on.  Next time I’m going to talk about the project where I’m working on now. 


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