vrijdag 9 september 2011

Xform Games - Gotta play 'em all

Hi all,

The last couple of weeks we are very busy completing some of our bigger projects.
And because I think they all deserve a lot of attention and everyone should play them, I like to update you on our latest releases.

Army of the Damned
First of all there is Army of the Damned, the first person zombie shooter that many of us already have written about. The game was released on August 10th in two editions: a less gory version on Shockwave.com and a bloody version on AddictingGames.com. 

Check the Army of the Damned official trailer:

And you can play the game here. (Don't worry, it's a link to the bloody version!)

Red Bull Formula Face 
Secondly, last week Red Bull Formula Face (our super secret project) was launched.
A game totally different then our zombie shooter, because you won't see any blood. And it's not just a kart racing game. It's a kart racing game with mimic tracking! Yes, you have to
 control the game with your face. 

Of course, we alse made a trailer for this one:

And don't forget to play at RedBullFormulaFace.com.

Robot Shooter

As third, we are working on a Robot Shooter. You can scroll down this page for some preview images. This game isn't released yet, but we work hard to bring you this awesome free online shooter as soon as possible. You may expect this new game in a few weeks.

Between all our busy schedules we still found a little time for a trip to Cologne, to visit Gamescom. It was a long, long, but really great day! With a lot of games. And beer!

Grüße aus Köln!

- Shirley

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