vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Pleased to meet you

Hi all!

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Shirley, brand new production manager at Xform.
The previous 7 weeks felt like having a crash course in game production management.
Having my roots in theatre and media, working in the games industry is totally refreshing.

Although I have some experience in project management, managing an entire game production is new for me. But I really like it and day by day I am learning more about the production process.
For me the best way to learn is through practice. And that is why I am lucky to join Xform at this time of the year. At this moment we are working on several game projects and they are all very different.

Besides scheduling, meetings, reading and writing documents for these games, I also did some video editing.
So with this post I proudly present this teaser trailer. Please sit back and enjoy:

Yes, that's our Zombie Shooter game, which can be played online soon. So stay tuned!

- Shirley

P.S. If you know any good books about game production and -management, please let me know. :)

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